Advertising Art & Design

Creatives can deliver engaging, personalized, and consistently exceptional experiences at every touchpoint and because of this competitive differentiator, they have the power to make or break your business. 

Advertising Art & Design teaches the technology, skills, and procedures used in the print and digital design industry. These theories are applied to projects that start with textbook study (advertising design), continue with teacher direction (production printing, for example), then district/community service (banner printing and yearbook production), and regional/state/national contests such as SkillsUSA.

All students are trained and certified in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. They also learn the Fundamentals of Design, Design Theory, and the Creative Design Process and develop solid drawing skills along with website design and banner/poster production.

Students learn from Mabook laptops, Desktops and iPads as a solid foundation for art school and/or any industry. The class is aligned with an advertising and design standardized test given at the end of the program that measures competency in written and performance areas. Students who pass that test are qualified for entry-level positions in the advertising design field.

Students can take advantage of an articulation agreement with the Rowan College of Burlington County (RCBC) to achieve transferrable college credits while still in high school.

Seniors in good standing are eligible to participate in the Work Study program and receive release time from class to work as interns at career-related jobs.

This is the most advanced career training program for designers and artists at the secondary level in Burlington County. Graduates who choose to pursue a career are working with local printing and publishing companies or have developed their own freelance businesses.

What Do You Want To Be?

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Animate

Power your portfolio with industry-recognized credentials.

Our Adobe Suite is priceless. Leave with certifications to power-up your resume before your college peers.

Simulate before you Certify

GMetrix is our online Simulator. GMetrix ACA practice tests are designed to assess your knowledge of Adobe software based on the objectives required by the official certification exam, as well as to familiarize you with the testing interface and processes.

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