My name is Niki Jacob. I have been in the graphic design industry since 1998. Starting my own business in 2001 and moving into teaching around 2016.

  • I am a mom to a beautiful and amazingly smart little girl, who is now a senior in high school going on soon to be a trauma nurse in college,
  • a wife to a man who thinks school is a candy store and could not get enough of it until he ran out of it at Doctorate level-he also is in education,
  • a fur-mom to an energetic Pitbull/lab mix who swears he is half human.
  • and a business owner with clients globally, ranging in many different types of products within the graphic design & digital industry.

But above all that, I am a teacher – my love in this industry I hope wears off on you eventually, or you get so annoyed by me you’ll want to run! lol

My class is playful, sarcastic, but – respectful, demanding, and rigorous.

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