Niki Jacob - Advertising Art & Design Instructor

Beginner Portfolios & Resumes

Your portfolio is an important part of your career as an artist; it showcases your best work and really highlights your creativity to potential employers, collaborators, and peers who can appreciate your approach.

As you begin to put yours together, you might find yourself stuck on going with an online portfolio or a print portfolio for your work, a common conundrum. Both options offer different benefits and drawbacks, and choosing between the two can be a bit overwhelming. So at BCIT, we do both. But here is why.

Whether you’re creating a portfolio for visual art, photography, illustration, or graphic design, you’ll want to be sure your work comes across polished, professional, and stunning, highlighting your talent and unique point of view.


  • Access to Portfolio Templates
  • Easy to Update
  • Save Money on Printing
  • Quick to Share or Send


  • Required to Purchase a Website and a Domain
  • Need to Protect Your Work (watermark designs?)

The Print Portfolio

Having a paper portfolio is the old-school way of doing things, and was considered the gold standard for a long time. Some professionals still prefer print over digital for several reasons, including:


  • The Tactile Quality of Print
  • Control What Employers and Clients See


  • The High Cost of Printing
  • Unable to Access if You Lose It
  • Cumbersome and Awkward to Carry Around

At BCIT we do both because you never know what you need when you need it. And has free and paid sites. So as a student, you can showcase your portfolio without spending any money.

Follow along with the video to get started. After your website is created click on My Home and do the following:

  1. Update your Homepage (Your name and grade level)
  2. Confirm Your Email Address (go into your school email, find the email from and confirm your email)
  3. Create your first page
  4. Resume (In time we will build on this)
  5. After you created your Resume page. Create an About Me page.
  6. Go back to MY HOME and on the right side you’ll see LAUNCH YOUR SITE
  7. Look back in the middle of the page and a pink button says LAUNCH SITE.
  8. Click on this button, if it prompts you to pay again… scroll down and look for the FREE site again.
  9. And once more it gives you the pricing plan – look at the FREE SITE link under the title. Click on this 
  10. Your site will refresh the page, when its done you should see a “Your site is launched”


Get Ready for Portfolios

  1. Now go back into Settings (left-hand side menu)
  2. Click on writing
  3. Go to the Content Types area and turn on Portfolio Projects by simply clicking on the black toggle switch.
  4. Scroll down to Feed Settings and toggle the Limit Feed to Excerpt Only as well. This will allow your front page to show some of your articles and allow more to fit on the front page without too much scrolling.
  5. Hit the SAVE Settings.

As we progress through the program we will begin to add to your portfolios.

Print Resume

Your paper resume is an extension of yourself. Always keep the paper and digital resume up to date and matching.

  1. Go into Google Drive
    Create a folder, name it “Ad Art”
  2. Inside that folder create another folder and name it “Personal Docs” (anything that pertains to your resume stays in this folder – images for your portfolio – your resume.
  3. On the left-hand side, Look at the Google Drive symbol and right below that you will see a big + (plus sign) button that says NEW.
  4. Click on the File Upload button and upload one of my example resumes.
  5. Change all the contents to your information