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Hey guys,

So welcome! This year is going to be a bit strange, but if you haven’t already picked up your supply bag in school you will need it by Tuesday. Your supply bag has only a couple of things in it so you might have to come back to school to pick up the special paper or acrylic paint. But if you look through the website you are completely set with supplies all the way to the Line Unit – so 4 units in. Maybe we will back at school by then; who knows. But the reason why I only did supplies up until the Line Unit is that from that unit on you get to pick your own project. So I honestly don’t know what supplies to give you. We will cross that path when we need to.

Your supply bag should have the following for the following Units:


Art Process Unit – no Supplies needed but computer and sketchbook

Critiquing Unit – no Supplies needed but computer and sketchbook

Japenese Notan

  • 2 small squares colored paper
  • 1 large square colored paper
  • Glue stick

Line Unit

  • Fine tip sharpie (Sorry I don’t have enough to give you more, so don’t use it until I tell you) Or buy your own.
  • You should have a shiny piece of harder paper-if, not I forgot it, printer paper is fine.

Optical Illusions Unit

  • You will need either a cardstock paper or printer paper and colored pencils. I do not have enough colored pencils to take home.

Value Unit

  • Pencil bag with special graphite pencils
  • A piece of Drawing Sulphite Paper folded in half.

Color Theory Unit

  • Acrylic Paint – You will have to come in for acrylic paint. I have little containers to carry home.
  • Watercolor Paint
  • Brushes
  • Color palette

Printmaking – skipping this semester

Papier-Mache (You can pick up supplies when we get closer to the Unit)

  • Glue & water or Flour and water (I’ll have the recipe online)
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard
  • Crepe Paper

Color Pastels – (You can pick up supplies when we get closer to the Unit)

  • Chalk or Oil Pastels
  • Drawing Sulphite Paper

Digital Tools – Computer

1 & 2 Point Perspective –  (You can pick up supplies when we get closer to the Unit)

  • Ruler
  • Large Paper

Independent Study – Worry about that when the time comes.

I look forward to meeting you all on Tuesday; have a great Holiday!

Mrs. Jacob


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