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Niki Jacob - Advertising Art & Design Instructor

The last week has pasted by like a whirlwind, and even though I have been in college before this college campus is much much different. First of all I am among a few, maybe as few a 5% of people my age actually going here. It’s a little scary but I love when I find myself around people my age or at least close.

So for this first semester I decided to go easy and take five classes, since I am a junior I am all core classes. I’ve got Art History I, Intro to Scuplture, Teaching and Learning Communities which is an education class and two online classes… One which apparently is accelerated. This is the class I think I freaked the most on because it’s squished everything into 8 weeks. Good God!

Trying to blend in is a little hard too, maybe the age, maybe because it’s the first few days of schools. So far the homework isn’t hard but the amount of reading is amazing! Four of the classes have me reading a chapter a week, that’s over 200 pages a week. Scuplture is a lot of drawing, which I like so I am fine with that.