AENJ Breakfast and a Workshop

Oh My Gosh! I had the most amazing time this Saturday. I originally went to just help out and assist, and of course learn what I could, but I learned so much more! I worked alongside Eric Gibbons, a Burlington High School Art Educator. To be honest, I didn’t have to do much-but I learned a LOT! For years I have wanted to go into Art Therapy, I wholeheartedly believe in Art Therapy and how good it can do for children-anyone for that fact, and apparently Eric feels the same way. How do I know this? Well he wrote a book called “The Emotional Color Wheel”. The lesson we learned was around The Emotional Color Wheel, and though I cannot give out his lesson without his permission, I am certainly going to brag a bit and show off the book around the lesson plan. But a bit about Eric first.

Eric is not only a teacher, but also a artist, author, inventor, and speaker. Like me, Eric brings his message of subject integration, the value of “STEAM” over “STEM,” rigorous art programs to enhance student success across content areas, and creative connections to schools across the country.   His books, are often on Amazon’s top 100 education resources, and are used in schools across the United States and English speaking portions of Europe. His own approach to education has yielded stunning results with his students being 50% more likely to pass high stakes exams like the HSPA/GEPA and averaging well over 100 points higher than their peers on the SAT; 155 points higher in 2013 utilizing his “STEAM” approach.  With work in the Obama White House collection, nearly 75 books to his credit, and experience teaching in Japan, Egypt, and the United States, Eric Gibbons will can provide dynamic workshops to improve school and student performance. (Please inquire via the Contact Link)

So without further ado!

The Emotional Color Wheel Elementary


This edition is intended for elementary grades six and under, and includes 26 lesson ideas, with additional space for sketching and planning projects. It is a great way for children to explore the foundations of expressionism. Their is another version of the same book for older students and adults.

For more information and to buy the book, go to Firehouse Publications.

EMotional Colorwheel HS

This edition, updated in 2015, is intended for middle school and high school students, and includes 20
lesson ideas for teachers, with additional space for sketching and planning projects. It will also be an easy read for college art students and artists wishing to explore the foundation of expressionism. An elementary edition is also available and is labeled as such.

For more information and to buy the book, go to Firehouse Publications.

For more information on Eric’s books go to here:

I know I am just getting started, actually I am not even done college yet. But I found so many lessons and ideas on Eric’s website that I had to share as well.

So little does he know it, but Eric has another fan! And more importantly I did get my VERY FIRST professional development certificate.