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Welcome to a new school year. I hope you are as excited to be a part of our program as I am to have you join our AdArt family. Exploratory is a great way to see just enough about the world of Advertising Art (Adobe Software) and Computer Graphics (Design). Over these next ten days, you will be rushed into a lot of mini-lessons just to get your feet wet.

We will learn a little about Line, Value, and Color and then head over to Adobe Photoshop before taking your final assessment. Yes, I said Final Assessment. All students coming into this program MUST take an Intro Assessment and a Final Assessment and MUST pass with a 75 even to be considered for this program. There are exceptions to that rule on a one-on-one basis when the time comes.

We use Google Classroom as our main application as a means of communicating class information with my classes, and you, this year which will be labeled by class graduation year. All information will also be available on my website at any time.

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