L3: Illustration: Media & Techniques

This course introduces the student to various media, such as ink, acrylics, watercolor, marker, pastels, colored pencils, and mixed media. Emphasis is placed on the care and use of tools used in the different mediums, color mixing, and rendering. 

Assignments are treated as real jobs and require the student to cover the entire process from thumbnail sketches to the final illustration. 

Critiques, involving the instructor (acting as the art director) and the class (acting as the audience) will focus on successful communication, creativity, interpretation of the project, craft, and presentation skills. 

This course will build on the principles learned in previous coursework and will include both observational and figure construction. Through hands-on projects, students will learn various techniques and mediums employed in the advertising and illustration fields. 

Enrolled: 3 students
Lectures: 6
Level: Junior
L3: Illustration: Media & Techniques
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