Unit 1: Introduction to Graphic Design

The Design Process

One of the most difficult aspects of design initially is to grasp that graphic design is seldom a representational depiction of an object, but more often an abstract image that communicates a larger idea. By that I mean if your selling a watch, most of the time your not just putting the watch on a ad – but your putting a person in a place communicating an idea or a thing to invoke a feeling.

Another challenge is that we often become attached to our first idea, and as a result, have difficulty coming up with more than one. As graphic designers we are expected to explore many ideas in order to find the best solution to a problem our client has. In order to do this we use thumbnail sketches (thumbnails—small, quick sketches) to quickly get many ideas down on paper. 

These thumbnail sketches are then evaluated and further developed into mock-ups of the concept, or rough sketches (roughs). It is these rough sketches that are often presented to the client as a way of ensuring that the designs are on track.

Once the rough sketches are approved, they are developed into a finished, neatly executed comprehensive design (comps). By learning and working through this process you will see that generating multiple ideas will be ingrained as part of the design process and a necessary component.

Steps to a Good Design

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