Unit 2 Finding Your Passion Creating Icons

Step 1 Finding Your Passion

You will need your sketchbook and pencil out for this assignment. In the beginning, you have to stay away from constraints, time, clients, and deadlines as much as you can, so they don’t stop you from exploring and discovering the true beauty of icon design. Your first icon set should reflect something you’re passionate about. Otherwise, how are you going to enjoy the whole process of creating it?

Forget about the boring basic topics like ‘household items’ (unless they are your passion, of course)! Think outside the box and go for something that brings you joy in real life. Do you like skateboarding? Or is it painting that makes your heart skip a beat? Maybe reading? Riding a bicycle? Is singing your thing? Choosing the theme that excites you is the first step toward success. First, you will have fun making it. Second, you won’t get stuck with the lack of ideas to cover the topic.

When you’re making an icon set about one of your passions, it should be easy for you to know what represents it the most. Simply sit down at the table with a pen and paper and write down at least 20 things that pop up in your head regarding the topic. Don’t think too much, just write everything that comes to your mind. At this point, your aim is to come up with as many icon ideas as possible.


You have 15 minutes to write down your biggest passion – GO!