Unit 2 Finding Your Passion Creating Icons

Step #4 The Sketching Process

The sketching process should be divided into two parts. The first is more like brainstorming. I take all the ideas and the list of icons I’ve written before in the game and try to do really basic, rough, and fast sketches. The point of this is to check out a few different approaches for the same icon and find out which one works the best.

After I’ve decided which sketches work the best – it’s time for the second part — making more detailed sketches.


  1. In your large sketchbook, make 10 squares all the same size, 2″x2″.
  2. It should all fit on one sheet, so you can easily see the proportions of different elements in the icons. (You can choose to draw a dotted grid, which I prefer because you can still easily see proportions, and lines are not distracting you like with regular grids.)
  3. Draw a barely visible square to clearly see my overflow padding that is about 2 pixels in. These are rough sketches, do not be perfect.
  4. Select only 10 out of the 20 sketches from the game day stage and try to refine them.

At this stage, I try to use basic shapes to draw my icons. It’s the easiest way to find the best construction of your icon because you can quickly sketch and modify your icons. It’s a good idea to keep a running icon book so we can see how we are progressing in stages, so when we are done, let’s add it to our Google Slide.


  1. Create a Google Slide and title it “{Your Name} Vector Icon Book”. 
  2. Slide 1: Icon Set name (Apply Section Layout): {YourPassionName}
  3. Slide 2 is titled: Preliminary Sketches: List your 20 icons, and take a picture of the list with sketches.
  4. ADD NEW SLIDE—->>>>Slide 3 titled: Detailed Sketches: Take a picture with your phone and upload the pictures from today, (only 10 with grids, detailed)  to your google doc.
  5. Upload to Google Classroom.