Unit 2 Finding Your Passion Creating Icons

Step #2 Game Time

This game is about helping you figure out icons for the chosen topic for your icon set and asking them to brainstorm everything that comes to their minds related to that topic.

  1. Group up in fours to a table.
  2. Make sure you have your sketchbook and pencil open to the page you wrote your topic on.
  3. Choose the youngest person at the table.
  4. The first person tells the table their topic.  
  5. Everyone else at the table starts brainstorming everything that comes to their minds related to that topic. You’ll be amazed how far a human’s mind can go and how fascinating this game becomes when everybody starts shouting out their associations interrupting one another! 
  6. You need to get 20 ideas
  7. But don’t just write them down – sketch them! Take a second or two to sketch every word, and draw the first symbol that comes to your mind. Remember these are fast sketches, not detailed sketches.
  8. When done with all 20 mini sketches or thoughts written down, move to the next person to the right.
  9. Keep doing this until all four at the table are done.
  10. When you are all done.



  1. Create a Google Slide and title it “{Your Name} Vector Icon Book”. 
  2. Slide 1: Icon Set name (Apply Section Layout): {YourPassionName}
  3. Slide 2 is titled: Preliminary Sketches: List your 20 icons, and take a picture of the list with sketches.
  4. Upload to Google Classroom.