Unit 2 Finding Your Passion Creating Icons

Step #5 Choosing the Perfect Colors

Colors are really powerful. They can make the icon or break it in the blink of an eye. That is why choosing the right colors for your icons is so important – using proper color palettes, you can transfer the message on a subconscious level. As With everything in the icon design, choosing the perfect colors for each set has its own secrets. And I’m about to reveal some of them to you right now.

Know The Context

It all comes down to where your icons are going to be used. There are two main things to consider before you start: 

  • Where the icons will be used;
  • Who they are aimed for. 

Depending on the style of your icons you can decide to make them monochromatic, use shades of the same color, or choose the color palette with different matching colors – this one is often used to create flat icons.

Matching color palettes that look really cool are pretty hard to make, though. My advice is to use two to five colors throughout the whole set. If you are struggling with creating a matching color set, start with only two colors. Check the Colourlovers and Adobe Color for some inspiration. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different color schemes, modify them and use them in your sets.

Understand The Meaning Of Colors

Even basic knowledge in color theory could make a huge difference. When you need to squeeze a huge message into a small icon, every small detail matters. Use the power of colors to strengthen and convey the message of the icon. You can easily find tons of articles on color theory on the internet. I have collected just a tiny bit of them for my lazy ones out there. But I need some help, so each time we teach this class we will start to build on this document.

  • Blue is a calming color. It also stands for security, professionalism, and trust.
  • Green means eco. It is often paired with shades of brown to give that additional earth vibe. It is also associated with freshness, success, and money.
  • Yellow is all about good emotions. It is an optimistic and sunny color.
  • Red represents everything associated with our most physical needs, and our will to survive –danger, passion, love, heat.

Assignment Part 1:

  1. Find me 2 colors and their meanings not mentioned here and add them to this Google Form.

Google Sheet of Color Meanings

Choosing Your Color Palette

Never ever underestimate the power of colors. The correctly chosen colors make your set look more cohesive and stylish, and they also deliver the message way better! So choose wisely. Know exactly why you have chosen one particular color over the others, and this will take your icons to the next level, trust me!


  1. Create a Google Slide and title it “{Your Name} Vector Icon Book”. 
  2. Slide 1: Icon Set name (Apply Section Layout): {YourPassionName}
  3. Slide 2 is titled: Preliminary Sketches: List your 20 icons, and take a picture of the list with sketches.
  4. Slide 3 titled: Detailed Sketches: Take a picture with your phone and upload the pictures from today, (only 10 with grids, detailed)  to your google doc.
  5. ADD NEW—->>>Slide 4 titled: Color Swatches: It’s your passion set remember so choose either a monochromatic color scheme or maybe 2-3 colors to create a color palette. Find the HEX code. Grab a digital swatch and HEX code to your google doc.
  6. Upload to Google Classroom.