Unit 2 Intro to Typography Design

Lesson 2: Why is Visual Hierarchy Important?

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to appreciate visual hierarchyEven if you’ve never studied the term before, you’ll know it when you see it. It’s all around you (it’s even in this blog!). Visual hierarchy refers to the arrangement and presentation of elements within a composition. Visual hierarchy is important in design because it defines the importance and sequence of elements within a composition. It influences the order in which your audience views your content. Order can significantly impact comprehension, impact, and value. 

Naturally, there are elements with a composition that are more important than others or that contextualize other elements. You can use various visual hierarchy principles to draw eyeballs to those important elements first. Good design uses visual hierarchy strategically to attract the viewer to the “whole” composition and leads them through its “parts” by creating different levels of priority and intuitive flow. Graphic designers understand how the human brain perceives visuals and the influence those visuals have on cognition.