Niki Jacob - Advertising Art & Design Instructor

Drawing Feet-Career


BIOmedical illustrator / animator

We travel back to the field of Medical illustration, which is a unique applied art discipline comprised of professional medical illustrators and animators. It falls within the more general field of biomedical communication.

BIOmedical illustrator / animator

A medical illustrator is a professional artist with specialized training and advanced education in medicine, science, art, design, visual technology, media techniques, and in theories related to communication and learning. Collaborating with scientists, physicians, and other content specialists, medical illustrators serve as visual translators of complex technical information to support education, medical and life science research, patient care, patient education, public relations, and marketing objectives.

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In order to be able to complete the project, you will need to be well-versed in drawing feet. Following the video above in your sketchbooks draw a foot in 5 different positions rendering it in full value, thumbnail size (3″x5″).


In your sketchbook, start planning your artwork for this unit.

You are a Medical Illustrator commissioned to create a POSTER for a medical office. Full creative Brief Here

The client wants to see 5 thumbnails (3″x5″) in your sketchbook.


Choose 2 of your thumbnails and fully render (color) each (6″x10″)

  1. Scan in your 1 chosen favorite rough
  2. In Photoshop change this layer to 50% opacity (onion skin)
  3. Recreate the drawing by iPad Photoshop or desktop Photoshop 
  4. Heading of the Poster
  5. 3 different foot views
  6. At least 4 or more labels on each view
  7. Your logo at the bottom