7 Graphic Design Trends 2023

Motion graphics (animated logos)

Meta logo in motion

Distorted typography

Design by Simon Birky Hartmann
TikTok Logo

Return of classic serif fonts


Serif fonts will also be making a comeback in 2023, which has its origins in the 15th century. After years of minimalist designs, we will see a return to more traditional and classic design elements.

Package Design

3D design elements

Example by Roman Klčo

Retro: Rewind to the 60s, 70s & 80s

Best One Yet Visual Elements by Dan Lehman
Packaging design


Brutal Stationery Mockups by Margaret Lunina
Poster design
  • Exposure of materials — concrete for architecture, the default, unstyled HTML for websites
  • Monochromatic color schemes in black, white, and grey, often with a single pop of color.
  • An emphasis on bare functionality, devoid of decoration
  • Modular, repeated design elements
  • Graphic elements like heavy lines, tape designs comped with plastic wrappers, rugged posters, and aluminium foil.

AI-Generated Art

Ai Generated Art by styleWish
Art generated with DALL E mini by Boris Dayma
  • Enhance your skills
  • Generating Ideas
  • Save time
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends
  • Play with your imagination

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