Technology in the Classroom

Here is a list of at least 5 Web 2.0 tools including the web address and a brief paragraph explaining how you would use the resources in your classroom.

Socrative allows you to create quizzes, print them out and grade them all in one spot. I could definitely see using this tool even in a Art room. It works on any device so I can grab the computer cart and have students answer questions on the latest project they just did.

Prezi is cloud based, so I can present from anywhere, iPad, desktop, etc. Prezi allows you to create anything with a virtual whiteboard. You can add images, videos, etc. Prezi allows your students to be engaged, by creating a virtual world that you can move around in at any time. You can share them too. I would use Prezi as a replacement for Power Point. In Art we usually show a PowerPoint with the history and steps of what the project is going to entail. Whats great about Prezi is I can share the Prezi on a website so the students can view it later. I can also bring them into a virtual world created by me on a artist, and then show them step by step by images or video what they are going to do.

Wordle is a word cloud creator. There is not much to talk about, just try it out. It’s quit easy to do. Like all tag clouds when you are creating your Wordle the more the word appears in the text box the more emphasis is on the word; making it larger. On the front page of my website you will see a Wordle I created in about 5 minutes.

Popplet allows you to organize your thoughts. I do not know if I could use it much in a Art Room, but I would use it for myself in order to keep my lesson plans organized. I use Mindomo now, it is just like Popplet, for all of my papers that I need to write for classes.

Rubistar is great for creating rubrics for all subjects. I have used Rubistar for creation all of Rubrics needed for my lessons plans in college and it really helps speed up the time creating them. I could use it for my classroom in many ways. So far I have used it for Analysis of Artwork, Art History and Creating a Painting.. You can use it for Analysis of Artwork, Art History, Creating a Painting, Creating a Collage, Making a Mask, Mural and Stage Design.

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