The 11 Best Websites for Freelance Artist Jobs

In this digital age, freelance artists have found many ways to market themselves. Portfolio sites and social media are usually the preferred outlets for artists to showcase their work and advertise their services to clients, but these aren’t the only outlets available. Freelance websites can help you market your craft on a larger platform to a more diverse array of potential clients. Below are some of the best freelance job sites independent artists can use, divided into general and industry-specific categories.

General Job Sites for Freelancers


Upwork primarily caters to those looking for high-quality freelance gigs in industries such as marketing, consulting, and web development. The platform uses a high-profile vetting process before creatives can start bidding on projects. It also tracks invoices, billable hours, and client communication.


One of the largest online marketplaces for freelancers, the aptly named Freelancer allows freelance artists to search and apply for both local and remote jobs in several fields, including design, content writing, and social media marketing. Like Upwork, the platform keeps track of your invoices, working hours, communication, and payment.


Fiverr is great for artists just getting started in the freelancing world. The site skews toward those in the creative/design space and has a reputation for offering low-cost gigs that can help beginners build up their portfolios. Fiverr also lets freelancers put together their own packages and offer custom services to clients.


Guru targets more seasoned professionals rather than entry-level freelancers, making it ideal for those with some freelancing experience under their belt. The platform caters to independent contractors in creative areas such as design, sales and marketing, programming, writing, and translation. Similar to Upwork, Guru users can bid on projects.

LinkedIn ProFinder

Launched by LinkedIn in 2015, LinkedIn ProFinder connects freelancers with quality leads and opportunities. The platform works well for freelancers with expertise in areas like editing, graphic design, marketing, and photography; however, you must go through an approval process to be eligible for gigs. Once approved, independent contractors will receive alerts regarding potential clients and projects.

Working Not Working

The mission of Working Not Working (WNW) is to connect talented creatives with innovative companies such as Apple, Google, Airbnb, Facebook, and Nike. WNW has built a reputation for offering both high-quality gigs and freelance-friendly features. Instead of you having to seek out potential companies, the company will come to you if it thinks you’re a good fit.


The popular job search website SimplyHired is great for both experienced and burgeoning freelancers. With this site, you can browse freelance jobs in your area, narrowing your searches using filters such as distance and date posted. You can also use the salary tool to get a rough sense of how much artists make in your area.

Industry-Specific Job Sites for Freelancers

Freelance Writing Gigs

Geared toward freelance writers, Freelance Writing Jobs curates the best freelance writing gigs on the web. The site’s moderators update posts daily, sifting through hundreds of opportunities to find high-quality listings. Unlike other platforms, you don’t need to bid on jobs and must apply directly through the original job posting.


Designhill is built for freelance designers and lets companies either create project contests or search for designers’ services through the platform’s database. One bonus is that creatives can design, print, and sell shirts through a personal store.


Managed by Adobe, Behance supplies creative inspiration while showcasing premier artistic work in areas like illustration, animation, and web design. The platform acts as both a portfolio site and a social media network, allowing like-minded individuals to connect, collaborate, and find quality leads.


99designs is another design-focused website that connects freelancers with both domestic and international businesses. The platform supports independent designers by helping them find job opportunities and encouraging them to collaborate with other artists through online communities.

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