Portfolio Review Success

Well I have not been on here for nearly a month, so much has gone on and I am sorry not to have posted much. It seems I never left my computer/art/music room for the entire month as I worked my Art Portfolio that was needed for Rowan College on March 2nd. I am nearly done my last and final semester at Camden County College before I move on to a 4 year college. My pick was Rowan all along, but they are tough when it comes to Arts so I wasn’t sure if I would even get in. As a education major I did not have much opportunity to have any Art classes so I relied on my good self taught prowess and the internet; something I am used to doing almost all my life. Its been since 1998 that I picked up a pencil of any kind to draw other than to write something down so I was terrified to even start my first art class this semester.

I also want to thank my inspiration to it all; Gianna’s current Art Teacher, Mrs. Pat Skalka from Holly Glenn Elementary School. If it wasnt for her I would still be just a Education Major not know what to do. I stepped into her class for a parent volunteer gig and instantly fell in love with how she taught and the kids. I walked out that day knowing finally at the age of 43 what I wanted to do with my life. I also want to thank my art teacher over at Camden County College who knew it was a long shot for me to even be considered into Rowan, but still gave me a book to help me with my figure drawing and for all the kind words and critiques along the way, she is another very cool teacher I am glad to have.

I was so scared when I walked into the Rowan Westby Hall Sunday I was feeling nausea and couldn’t breath too well. But the professor who helped me was the kindest man in the entire world, we talked for over a half hour and I swear it was all about life in general. WE laughed so much.. he made me feel so much better and confident. He loved everything he saw but didn’t comment much on anything. Then he started to show me the classes I would need and explain he isn’t sure about what I need for certain since i am a transfer student. His final question. “Do you have any questions for me?”  DUH! So I asked “When do I find out if I ahve been accepted or not.” And OMG the next second was priceless, this huge smile came over his face and with a smirk he replied while laughing “Your in” Then he explained “I am going to recommend that we accept you, you should be getting a letter by April finalizing everything but as far as today goes… Your In!”

I actually started crying right there. I finally did it! Something I was supposed to do over 20 years ago but was too afraid to even try until I met my husband who told me to follow what I love, and encouraged me every step of the way. I pushed art away for so long I never knew how much I missed it. I guess my life has finally turned one gigantic circle; from starting at the age of 8 years old at Rowan College SmArt Art Camp in Westby Hall to coming back in September to Westby Hall as a a actual college art student. I am so ecstatic beyond any thought. I know my pictures are not the best otherwise why would I even need college, but you can see below the sketches that I took for Art Portfolio Entrance Review.

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