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Niki Jacob - Advertising Art & Design Instructor

Practice Digital Art

You will be using PixlrE, PhotoPea or Photoshop to complete the assignment. Now this practice will not take you long but it will take some planning on your part.
PixlrE   |    PhotoPea   | Photoshop 30 day trial


You MUST create a REALISTIC animal interaction between you and a wild animal. Use your imagination!


  • Must be a wild animal/not domestic or animation
  • Must include a realistic wild setting background
  • Must be PHYSICALLY interacting with animal
  • Interaction looks realistic, to scale, proportionate


If this is confusing go step by step-one at a time. Maybe read through the whole thing first but then come back to this point and do #1, then #2 and so forth.


I Googled

ANIMAL REQUIREMENTS – Go to Google and search for an image of a WILD ANIMAL.


  • Must be a wild animal/not domestic or animation
  • Must include a realistic wild setting background
  • Your plan must be to PHYSICALLY interact with animal
  • The interaction looks realistic
  • Save the image to your computer or phone

I Googled “Wild Monkey Standing”


PHOTO OF YOU – Have someone else take a photo or prop up the phone to take a picture of you posing like you are physically interacting with the animal. (EXAMPLES BELOW) Take 2-3 shots if you need to. Props are OK. Facial/Body Expression should match the emotion/scene.


  • Full body required
  • Be sure you study the animal and MASTER the position/pose for a successful interaction.
  • Save the image to your computer or phone


Go to and remove the background of your image

  • Click on the Upload image and upload the image of YOU POSING
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button and save the NEW IMAGE to your computer (It will be in a PNG format – the gray and white squares will mean the background is transparent.)


Go to PixlrE

  • OPEN IMAGE button and open the image of the wild animal 1st!
  • Now go to LAYER menu >> ADD IMAGE AS LAYER and upload the photo of you without the background. It will automatically be in the front (FOREGROUND)


Now we need to move your photo around until your exactly where you want to be in the picture. If you are interacting and behind a animal a little bit-think first and position YOUR PHOTO correctly.

  1. MAKE SURE YOUR PHOTO is ACTIVE. If you look at the Layers Panels in the photo below-(look to the right side of the picture) You’ll see the Layer Panel-the highlighted “Background” Layer is the one that is active – CLICK ON YOUR PHOTO – the Layer above it to make it active. (See the picture below) It should look like this picture.
  2. ENLARGE or MAKE SMALLER THE PHOTO – See the blue squares around your photo – it means its active-you can hold your mouse button down on any of the squares to enlarge your photo or make it smaller.
  3. MOVE THE PHOTO EXACTLY WHERE WE WANT IT – If you click in the middle of the 4 squares it will make a 4 arrow cursor – this means you can move the photo anywhere you want. I want her slightly behind the one monkey-but not ALL the way behind him.


Now we need to Erase part of her so she looks legit. Ready…..

  1. CLICK on the ERASER tool – (picture to the right)
  2. Change the BRUSH SIZE if needed using the Brush Tool Options (UNDER THE MAIN MENU) – Look below.

Start ERASING YOU as much as you need to look like you are interacting correctly.


  • FILE > SAVE (Keep it as a JPG)
  • Name it
  • Download it
  • Upload it to Google Classroom