Upper SB Challenge #1

Before you get started I want you to read through both fully and choose one to do. You have all week. Starting on Monday, Due Friday.

Examining Bad Logos

It’s not hard to find examples of bad logos all over the web. You can quickly tell which logos got a professional design job vs which ones were thrown together haphazardly. But some are very subtle and lie right in the middle. They’re not terrible, but they’re also not effective. So how do you avoid these poorer quality logo designs?

I want to share examples of poor logos contrasting with better designs. By recognizing design patterns you’ll quickly adapt to a certain aesthetic and feel more comfortable in your logo/identity design work. Then you need to redesign two logos given below.


You’re a SuperModel

Read the Your A Super Model Vogue Magazine Cover Adobe Photoshop Tutorial showing you exactly how to create a magazine cover with you as the supermodel. It involves a camera, lighting effects, and much more. This can be used as a portfolio piece if taken seriously. It will show off your talents in how to design text around images and you might even find a new love for photography. Which is a lucrative freelance side business.



Ohh I forgot to tell you – you need to print your design, whether digital or in your sketchbook, and put it up on the Bulletin Board.


CHECKS: 100, 85, 75, 60, 0. Missing any of the below items will drop the check down.

  1. Originality
  2. Craftsmanship & Professionalism (Is it neat and the project taken seriously)
  3. Free of Errors, Types, Pixelations
  4. Mockups-Did you place your logos on any Mockups? Does your magazine look like a magazine you would see on the shelf? Your final magazine is your mockup.
  5. Document your process – Documenting your process helps you structure your case studies. It adds more life, paints context, and gives a storyline to your project. Show your thumbs, concepts, bullets of ideas & reasons behind them, and finals all on one paper.

You might’ve heard the old proverb: “The first impression is the last impression.” Potential clients scroll through to find a suitable designer for their project. A well-presented project is the first step to getting the client interested in working with you. Use good quality mockups. We have a ton on the Ad Art-Medford drive (a red folder named “Mockups”).


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