Niki Jacob - Advertising Art & Design Instructor

Space: Isometric Drawing


Recreate in your sketchbook the 12 sketches below.



For your main project, you will be creating an isometric marketing advertisement in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

Now it’s time to use your imagination. Research online isometric drawings in marketing; find one that you like and change up the entire marketing advertisement to your liking.

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PROJECT 1 - Three Point Perspective Cityscape Graphite


  1. You will start looking at where your horizon line and vanishing points are on your rough draft. You will then lightly draw these on your paper.
  2. Once you have decided where your horizon line and vanishing points are you will decide where you will start your buildings on your page. You want to start with the building in the front of your picture and work your way to buildings in the back.
  3. Indicate on your paper lightly where the front edge of each building will be. Begin drawing. REMEMBER to draw lightly in case you want to change something.
  4. Don’t forget to add things like trees, streets, cars, signs, or anything else that will add interest to your picture.
  5. Add a background landscape behind your horizon line. You could add a sky, sunset, mountains, storm, etc.
  6. Think about the other ways you show space in your artwork. Utilize some of these ways also. (size change, detail change, overlapping, vertical location, value changes, and atmospheric perspective).
  7. When you have finished your drawing think about where the sun would be coming from in your picture and shade your picture. You have the option of using colored pencils and a watercolor wash also.
  8. When your picture is done show it to the teacher. She may have suggestions for improvements.

PROJECT 2 - Three Point Perspective Cityscape Digital


  1. Recreate the city you just created in graphite in either Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.