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Niki Jacob - Advertising Art & Design Instructor

Timesheets, Estimates and Invoicing

As we progress through the program you will learn each phase of project management and financial literacy in our field. Strong time management skills are crucial to our success. Managing your time well is what allows you to spend more time creating, growing as a graphic designer, or having more free time and building a fulfilling life.

Like any skill, time management is one you’ll have to develop over time. By discovering how to strategically leverage your time you’ll grow exponentially as both a creative and/or a business owner.


We are lucky enough to have been sponsored by Harvest. Harvest is a web-based time tracking and billing software for thousands of customers around the world, from freelancers to small businesses to departments within Fortune 500 companies.

We will be using Harvest to teach us how to manage time, expenses, estimates, and invoices throughout our time here.

No real money will ever exchange hands, but we will consider ourselves a full creative agency with all kinds of designers on our payroll.

In order for you to be on our team during your Sophomore year, you will be signing up as a team member.


In order for you to be on our team during your Sophomore year, you will be signing up as a team member. I will send everyone a email to thier school accounts. Once you recieve the email do the following. Look for an email with the subject “Harvest”. 

    1. Click on the GREEN Join button
    2. Click on the Sign in with Google
    3. Watch the “Learn the basics of time tracking” video
    4. Upload your profile picture
    5. If you want the mobile app; go get it.
    6. Install Harvest Time Tracker on your Chrome browser
    7. Click on the puzzle piece next to your profile in the upper right of the browser window and go down to the Harvest Time Tracker extension
    8. Make sure the pin is highlighted to the right of the extension
    9. When complete go back to the Harvest welcome page and click the x Hide this page forever.

This will allow the extension to stay next to the address for quicker stopping and starting of projects.


Will only have the Time Tracking ability.


Will become Project Managers as they also work for the Design Studio doing work around the school.


Estimates are merely that, an estimate of how long you think it will take you to complete the job in hand. At the moment Harvest does not have the capability to have estimates and invoices; so we will simply use invoices to do both.