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I chose to do a lesson on the Art of Skateboard Design not only to engage the students in a sport that many enjoy but to show the students how to use the elements of art and principles of design to create a visually appealing unique skateboard deck design.

Students will first watch the video of the history of the skateboard and ask if the skateboard has been an impact in their lives. Several excerpts from the books will be printed out or put on the projector. Students will read how artists come in all shapes and sizes, many have art degree backgrounds. As skateboarding progressed & evolved, and as artist began to design and add influence to the artwork of skateboards, designs, and themes began to change.

Today, artists have introduced an element of wit and pop-culture commentary that would take the entire industry in a different direction. Skateboarding is a creative and individual pursuit and so are the graphics that adorn the boards. The people, who are drawn to skateboarding, by nature, [are] prone to be more creative and artistic. Students will learn how their love for any sports can become a longtime career opportunity.

Topic: Skateboard Deck Graphics: Project Introduction for Designing a Skateboard Deck

Grade Level: 9-12 Grade

Core Standards: New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards for Visual and Performing Arts Addressed: 1.1.A, 1.1.B, 1.1.D. 1.2.D, 1.3.D, 1.4.A, 1.4.B


A brief summary: Skateboard Graphics

How Boards have Changed Over Time


The Evolution of Skatebopard Graphics –

MTV History of Skateboarding Pt 1

MTV History of Skateboarding Pt 2 –


Google Search: “skateboard designs”

Skateboard Artists:


Dennis McNett:


Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art – Longtime skateboard artist Sean Cliver put together this staggering survey of over 1,000 skateboard graphics from the last 30 years, creating an indispensable insiders’ history as he did so.

Skateboarding – This book uses bite-sized instructions and killer original photography to introduce kids to the action-packed world of skateboarding.

Art, Skateboarding and Life (Book & 2 DVDs) – Chapters are driven by interviews, narrative text and non-stop full bleed visuals that trace Howell’s journey through pro skateboarding, the action sports industry and allied segments of the DIY movements within art, music and design.


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